Mint And Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake Step-By-Step Decoration



I posted a devilishly delicious Vegan Mint Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake recipe few days a ago. I thought that I would share a quick post on how I decorated this cake here with you now. So without further due, here’s a quick step-by-step walk trough of the decoration process coming your way!




First I melted some dark chocolate mixed with vanilla soy milk to make a icing for the edges. I did not measure how much I put each of the ingredients, but I think it was somewhere around 40 grams of chocolate and 2 tablespoons on plant milk.




Then I added some truffle balls to both sides of the cake. These truffles are actually orange truffles from the Deliciously Ella With Friends cookbook. I made a review of the cookbook, and these truffle balls called Deliciously Ella With Friends Cookbook Review if you would like to take a look at that post.


Now, I know that taste wise orange and mint don’t go that well together. But as you will see later on in the decoration process, this really is a bit a of mix of absolutely everything. And it does actually work sort of nicely!




Next off, two of the oatmeal cookies I used for the base of this cheesecake as well. One can never have too many cookies!




Here I added two homemade twix bars. The recipe for these I actually came across on Pinterest. You can find this twix bar recipe here. I pretty much followed the original recipe with these bars, except from the chocolate coating- My coating here is just melted dark chocolate.




And now my favorite decoration so far. I made two cheesecake cupcakes from the same mint and chocolate cheesecake base, and filling. So adorable, right!




And last but certainly not the least, I saved some of the mint-chocolate I used in the filling to work as decorations, and sprinkled some of those on the cake and made two triangles – one for each side.


And that is it! Go give this recipe a look if this looks like heaven to you as it does to me! The cheesecake here itself is actually amazing. The decorations make it more of a special occasion cake, otherwise the recipe is super simple, and quick to make.


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