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I got the cookbook Deliciously Ella with Friends last week when it came out – I pre-ordered this book from amazon just because I was so exited to get my hands on it. And oh boy have I been cooking from it since. I thought I would share with you my opinions about this book, and tell a little bit about the recipes I have tested out so far. If you are looking for a good, staple plant-based cookbook, this here might just be what you are looking for.


I am still quite new to this whole plant-based cooking, and eating scene, and sometimes I screw up quite badly. That is why I think it is nice to have a few cookbooks to learn a bit from. Someone else has already gone through trying what ingredients work with what, and sometimes it is nice not to have to go through the process of trial and error.


This cookbook by Ella Woodward is filled with delicious goodness, and it is written with a loving touch. What really made me feel good about this book was the little introduction in the beginning. It is all right to modify any recipes ever and one should not be too hard on herself/himself when it comes to healthy eating. That’s all I needed to hear.






The recipes in this cookbook are divided into six different categories: Mornings, Light & Easy, Feasts, Sides, Parties, and Sweets. Not going to lie, my favorite so far just by looking is definitely the Sweets category. But then again, what I really need some help in, from a few cookbooks, are making my breakfast time a bit more inventive, and fun, as well as cooking savory dishes, and knowing what works and what doesn’t with the savory dishes.


I have been skimming the book back and forth, and I find these recipes easily modifiable if needed for any reason. That is without a doubt a huge┬áplus. When it comes to the familiarity of ingredients, to me there were both familiar, and unfamiliar ingredients. I think this cookbook could be a nice addition in anyone’s bookshelf since adding new foods and ingredients to your diet is a nice way to change things up. And most of the time it is easier to add new ingredients when you have ready, and proven-to-work recipes on hand.


This cookbook is promised to be filled with tasty recipes to enjoy with friends – the name sort of says it already, and I think it truly is filled with those. You can find a lot healthy recipes that will not make your friends and family run out the door when you invite them to a dinner party from this book. I must say, that it is one of my favorite qualities of this book since I do sometimes find some of my friends and family somewhat skeptical about plant-based eating.


Another thing I would like to talk about is the level of difficulty. I found the recipes clear and therefore, quite easy as well. There are quick recipes, not so quick recipes, and also easy, and not so easy recipes. But still, I find that by just sticking to the instructions, these are all recipes any home cook can survive, and have a delicious, healthy meal on the table at the end.








Now, let’s jump on to the recipes I have been making the past week from this cookbook. From top to down on the pictures I have made Pepper, Mango, Cucumber & Peanut Salad, Baked Sweet Potato & Sesame Falafels, Almond Butter Rocky Roads, Roasted Almond Butter Bars, and Pistachio & Orange Truffle Bites. And there are so so many recipes in the that I am eager to try out!


I did some modifications to the recipes to suite what I had easily available to me. Which is definitely what you should do as well making any recipe ever if you want to. Just make it suit you the best.


The cucumber salad is my favorite dish out of the cooking I have done from this book so far. It is a recipe that will definitely become a frequent visitor in my dinner table. I have been thinking for a while now that I should get into eating a little more salads of different kinds, and the salad dressing recipe of this cucumber salad is juts to die for. Having a dressing like that will absolutely make me want to eat a salad.


The other day I make sweet potato falafels with some mashed potato. As you might already quess, the falafels were great. The mix of different seasonings to work with a nice falafel was something I really needed to get more knowledge of. And now that I have tested this one, I know how to make a killer falafel.


The rocky roads, and the truffle bites honestly surprised me. So far, I have personally used quite a bit of different substitutes in to dairy etc. products in my own baking. It is actually really pleasant to notice how nice treats one can make without the substitutes, just with fruits and a bit more natural products. Again, a great cookbook to get started with a bit more of a healthy baking style.


Last but not least, the breakfast bars. The taste of these actually reminds me of apple pie. I feel like these just disappeared in few mornings. So good.


I almost feel a bit bad about my book review here since I have nothing else but nice things to say. But honestly though, this cookbook has been good to me so far. I would love it if you shared your favorite cookbook in the comments with me! Or maybe if you have gotten this Deliciously Ella book as well!


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