Athens Snapshots Part 1

This post is going to be slightly different from my usual recipe posts. In this post I am going to be sharing some of the photographs I took when I was in Athens, Greece a while back.


I posted two photos of this trip on my Instagram a while back, but here are some more just for the joy of it! I have been trying to build a sort of a light, white, and bright theme on my Instagram page, so most of these photographs would not even qualify for my Instagram page right now. If you follow me there @emilylainpelto, I would love to hear what you think of it!




I went to Athens for a week with my boyfriend just for fun. We both have a week of from university since it was Easter, so why not explore a little bit!


This first photo was actually taken when we went for a little hike up a hill with a tiny church on top of it. The view of the city was amazing from there! I actually shot a bit of a sunset timelapse on top of this hill. I have been meaning to go thought that an a few other video clips from this trip for the past few weeks but I just haven’t got around doing it yet. But when I do, the might be a Youtube video coming up!


The Youtube thing is something I have been thinking of quite a bit lately. And of course I would love to know your thoughts on this one! Do just like reading blogs – on this kind of posts, as well as on recipe posts – or are cooking/baking videos, and pretty much any kind of videos about life or travel something you would be interested in watching on Youtube?




This photo is from the Syntagma square. We stayed at an Airbnb apartment just outside the city centre. This square was a few metro stops away from our place, and all of the shops etc. are just about near this. This photo was taken during daytime, but we actually came and sat around for couple of evenings, and the vibe during an almost nighttime was really cool in Athens, and specially the city center areas.




I feel like I cannot not smile whenever I look at this one. Green just has to be the most amazing color. This was taken in a park called The National Garden. In my opinion it was more of a park than a garden. Everything was growing freely, and you could walk for such a long time there and always find yourself in a new place. So calm, and beautiful overall!







All of the tree photographs above where taken in the Parthenon arena. If you don’t know, it is the first Olympic arena. I am just all about that white marble. And the stairs are so steep, I definitely got a descent workout that day.






This photo above was taken from the same hill (if I remember correctly), as the first photo of this post. I just really like the colors of the sky in this one.




When it comes to the architecture of the city I definitely have mixed feelings. There were a lot of old, well-maintained, beautiful buildings, but there definitely were a lot of not-so-well-maintained buildings as well. Overall thought, just beautiful. The building this photo was taken in front of was actually one of the prettiest I saw. This was in an area near the Acropolis hill. The houses were nice and colorful. That being said, of course I had to take a photo in front of the only completely white building.




On a note of FOOD


For some reason I didn’t really take any photos of the food I ate there, which is really weird since I my days pretty much consist of thinking about what will I eat next, and then actually eating. Never the less, I thought that I would give a few thought on that anyways. Finding vegan option was slightly more difficult than I anticipated for. There was just a lot of yogurt in everything that could have been fine otherwise. One other thing I noticed was that not everyone really understood what we were looking for when we asked whether they have vegan options. I did my best thought when it comes to food on this trip. There were a couple on vegetarian compromises but otherwise all good!


Foods I hands down fell in love with on this trip were zucchini, and even mushrooms somewhat. I never really had either, but I am definitely going to try to incorporate those into my diet more, and maybe even post some recipes containing zucchini or mushrooms in the future. And on a dessert note, I found a bakery that sold 100% chocolate sorbet, and wow. It was more of an ice cream that i sorbet in my opinion, and boy was it the best ice cream I have ever had. Actually, I had that three times in a course of a week. It was that good, and no I am missing it that sorbet here in Finland.


My apologies on not posting too often lately! I’m going to try to get back on posting weekly!


Hope you enjoyed this little travel post! You can find me @emilylainpelto on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also follow me on bloglovin’, do you never miss a post!


I have a lot more photographs from this trip so I will be making a Part 2 soon! But don’t worry if you read my blog for the recipes, We’ll be back to our usual recipe posts soon! I actually have something quite delicious planed out, so keep an eye out for that!

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